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Our Commitment to a Clean Energy New Jersey

At New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG), we know we have an important role to play in achieving a low-carbon, cleaner energy future. And we’re up for the challenge. That’s why we’ve built the most environmentally sound natural gas system in New Jersey. And it’s why we’re investing in the next generation of clean, renewable energy and helping our customers save money and reduce emissions through industry-leading energy efficiency programs.

Energy efficiency is one of the most important and powerful tools we have to reduce emissions and help to reach climate goals. These programs are not only the most cost-effective emissions reduction strategy, they also help customers save money. Accelerating the expansion and growth of energy-efficiency measures for customers is a central element of NJR’s decarbonization strategy.

To date, we have invested over 284 million in energy efficiency.

low carbon fuels

Low Carbon Fuels

NJNG has 7,700 miles of existing pipeline infrastructure capable of delivering low and zero carbon fuels. Utilizing our existing energy infrastructure, NJNG can seamlessly blend clean hydrogen and renewable natural gas (RNG) into our delivery system. Developing these innovative, renewable fuel sources will help decarbonize the energy we deliver and help New Jersey reduce emissions to our airshed.

What’s even better? We can do this without any change to how our customers use energy.

NJNG's Howell Green Hydrogen Project

One of the ways we are working to decrease carbon emissions is by blending green hydrogen into our existing natural gas distribution system. So, what’s green hydrogen? Green Hydrogen is a zero-carbon emissions energy source. Utilizing renewable energy, this clean form of hydrogen is created via a process called electrolysis which splits water into its two elements: hydrogen and oxygen.

Today NJNG is leading on green hydrogen development. Our green hydrogen facility in Howell, New Jersey is the first of its kind of the east coast to blend this renewable fuel with natural gas in a distribution system. To learn more about our Howell Green Hydrogen site, click here.

aerial green hydrogen shot

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

Renewable Natural Gas graphic

RNG leverages existing waste across multiple feedstocks to produce renewable energy and lower net emissions. In New Jersey, potential sources include active and closed landfills, wastewater treatment facilities, food and vegetative waste processing facilities. These sources produce methane and other gases, often referred to as “biogas,” which can be captured, cleaned and recycled into our highly upgraded infrastructure. This will help reduce carbon emissions from the energy our customers use every day.

Affordable, Reliable, Ready to Decarbonize

NJNG operates one of the safest, most reliable distribution systems in the nation. Billions of ratepayer dollars have already been invested to build and maintain New Jersey’s 35,000-mile natural gas delivery network. This delivery system serves three of every four New Jersey households and businesses, and for good reason – a proven record of affordability and reliability.

ready to decarbonize infographic
NJR crew working on pipes